FILM WEEK – Official Pre-selection by French in Motion

We are proud to announce our pre-selection for the New York Film Week 2017. Nine high quality projects particularly enthused our jury, among them:




– THE ROOM –  Prod. Les Films du poisson. Dir. Christian Volckman.

Kate and Matt move into a house deep in the New Hampshire woods. Soon, they discover an Aladdin’s lamp of a Room hidden behind a closet on the top floor of the house, with the power to satisfy every whim.  Only when Kate asks for a baby, the dream becomes a nightmare. 


– THE MAN WHO SOLD HIS SKIN– Prod Tanit Films. Dir. Kaouther Ben Hania.  

Sam Ali is a Syrian refugee in Lebanon. Without a visa he cannot go to Italy and join his fiancee. He meets an American artist, Jeffrey, highly popular and controversial, with whom he makes a Faustian deal: the artist tattoos a Shengen visa on his back, turning Sam into an international work of art that can now circulate freely and legally. Conversely, Sam becomes a piece of property. 


– GLOWSTICKS– prod Easy Tiger- Dir. Nelson Bourrec Carter. Chloé and Max, two French friends on a road trip, are seeking to leave their troubled past behind. Driving through the US, they meet Holly, a beautiful yet mysterious hitchhiker and welcome her on board. But they don’t realize what they are getting into. As they keep driving further inland, strange and foreshadowing events start occurring around them. When Holly suddenly disappears, they are forced to face the reality they’ve been trying to ignore : the world as they know it is coming to an end. It’s now up to them to escape it, before it is too late.




 – BLIND SPOT– Prod Storner. Dir. Pierre Chassagneux and Stephanie Thomas. Between 1980 and 2012, close to 1,200 aboriginal women were murdered or went missing in virtually total indifference in Canada. Despite years of silence and ignorance, the country is gradually opening its eyes to the tragedy. In September 2016 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched a public investigation to dig into the reasons for the tragedy, systemic causes of violence as well as police practices. 


– THE BIRDS OF AMERICA– Prod Meteores Films, dir.Jacques Loeuille. A journey down the Mississippi River, on the tracks of the extinct birds of John James Audubon, the father of American ecology, explorer and naturalist born in France. 


– GIRLS OF TOMORROW – Prod. Gloria Films, dir. by Nora Philippe . At an all-female college in New York City, students from diverse backgrounds are reinventing politics, power, solidarity, gender and activism. Their feminism is innate and their battle cry is “now”. These are the faces of tomorrow, the young women who will be shaping our future.


– GAME GIRLS – Prod. by Films de Force Majeure, dir. Alina Skrzeszewska.  GAME GIRLS sheds light on the unseen and unheard stories of Los Angeles’ Skid Row, best known as “the homeless capital of the US”. By following Teri as she struggles to transform her life, it reveals the hopes and dreams of women living on the margins of contemporary US society.




BRAZEN, rebel ladies who rock the world- Animated series 30×3′. Prod. Agat films and Silex Films. Based on the comics by Penelope Bagieu, directed by Sara Saidan. The portraits of 30 women, each revolutionary in her own way. Whether they invented the modern bathing suit in prudish times for practicality’s sake, took arms to defend the Apache people against Mexican oppression or « merely » saved a lighthouse from erosion, their extravagant and adventurous lives seemed tailor-made for animation. 



– KOSMIC JOURNEY– Prod. Okio Studio, dir. Jan Kounen. Kosmic Journey offers an immersive experience into the Amazonian jungle, guided by a tribal healer, to reveal the roots of traditional indigenous medicine.  In the core of the journey, the user participates in a « kosmic » Ayahuasca ceremony to encounter the spirits of nature.

IFP, organizers of the Film Week, will review this pre-selection and will communicate their final choices during the first week of July. 

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