François Scippa Kohn

François Scippa-Kohn has graduated in Master Degree in Management and Entertainment at Bocconi Business School in Milano, Italy. In 2004, during its last year of studies, he joins Mikado Films, leader independent distribution company in Italy, as head of acquisitions and scripts evaluation. He then comes back to Paris where he starts producing environmental movies for WLP but quickly founds Chrysalis Films (, a movie distribution company that brought important independent first features to France such as Let The Right One in and City Island. In 2010 he leaves his Chrysalis Films partner to join Bellissima Films – focusing on Italian movies in France – as head of Distribution ( He also becomes partner in brand new Distrib Films, a French distribution boutique. He’s made partner of Distrib Films in 2013 and sets up Distrib Films US, independent subsidiary specialized in distributing French Movies in the US. Since he moved to NYC in August 2014, François has released more then 30 movies in the US, mainly French, including Philippe Garrel last two films, 2015 Caméra d’or Party Girl, huge French indie hits On The Way To School and Hippocrates. In 2016 he has set up a production boutique with French expats: among first clients you can fing Dezeen, Studio Dror and General Motors.